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Bona Vista

The stables at 39 McGrettons Road, Healesville, are located within the large Bona Vista property, being one of a collection of outbuildings. The stables...  more
Bonnie Doon
92 Sennitts Road, The Patch VIC 3792 - Property No 66005 View Details
Bonnie Doon has high local significance as one of the earliest guest houses remaining in the Dandenongs, and for its associations with the McKellars, prominent Monbulk residents. Bonnie...  more
Brick House
90 Bell Street, Yarra Glen VIC 3775 - Property No 38422 View Details
The former Commercial Bank built in 1886 for prominent local businessman William C. Farrell, has high local, and possibly regional architectural significance. It is an unusual bank...  more
Brick House
88-90 Bell Street, YARRA GLEN VIC 3775 - Property No 3842 View Details
One of only two early banks in the region. Interesting architecturally. (Tansley, 1978)...  more
Brickworks Reserve
76-80 Cambridge Road, MONTROSE VIC 3765 - Property No S00971 View Details
The Brickworks Reserve has local significance as the remains of a once-important industrial complex. The Montrose Fire Brick Company, which operated between the 1920s and 1950s, was an...  more
Brisbane Hill Road Bridge
Warburton Highway to Dammans Road, Warburton VIC 3799 - Property No S04738 View Details
The Brisbane Hill Road Bridge, constructed by the Country Roads Board in 1936 to replace an early 1900s bridge washed away in the December 1934 floods, has high local significance as an...  more
Britannia Creek Tramway Sawmill Site 2
Britannia Creek VIC 3799 View Details
Established early in the century, technologically innovative, a social centre and district landmark, this site is of high regional significance in spite of the relatively paucity of...  more
Britannia Creek Tramway Sawmill Site 3 - See Yellands No 3 Mill
Britannia Creek VIC 3799 View Details
...  more
Britannia Creek Weir and Falls
Britannia Creek Road, Off Warburton Highway (between Yarra Junction & Wesburn), Britannia Creek VIC View Details
Britannia Creek Weir and Falls near Warburton have high local significance for the Falls' associations with the district timber trade, and particularly with the Cuming Smith works, which...  more

"Brocklesby", constructed in 1928, was located on a large landscaped site overlooking the township of Lilydale and the...  more
Brook Hill
17-19 MacIntyre Lane, COLDSTREAM VIC 3770 - Property No 4925 View Details
Brook Hill dairy farm (formerly Olinda Yarra) including the buildings and site, at 25 MacIntyre Lane, Coldstream. Brook Hill dairy farm, at 25 MacIntyre Lane,...  more
Browns Camp
Bear's Creek-Donovan's Creek, Upper Yarra Catchment VIC View Details
Browns Camp is of regional significance as a site that demonstrates the nature and scale of sluicing operations in the upper catchment of the Yarra River from the 1860s, and that retains...  more
Bump Tunnel
Big Pat's Creek to Powelltown Walk, Powelltown VIC 3797 View Details
The Bump Tunnel is of State significance as the largest tunnel of its kind in Victoria, representing a substantial engineering achievement. It provided the crucial link between the...  more
Burke's Lookout Reserve
415 Basin- Olinda Road, OLINDA VIC 3788 - Property No S00662 View Details
Burke's Lookout Reserve has local significance as a popular tourist lookout over many decades, established in 1927 by T.M. Burke, a land agent, who presented the top portion of his...  more
Burnham Beeches
1 Sherbrooke Road, Sherbrooke VIC 3789 - Property No 58672 View Details
One of the finest examples of the Art Deco Mansion in Australia; built in 1930-1933 for the Nicholas family. The design by Harry Norris sits uniquely at the midpoint between the...  more
Butterfield Park & Kidds Bridge
Emerald - Monbulk Road, Monbulk VIC 3793 - Property No S03558 View Details
...  more
Cafe Beaz
294 - 296 Nicholson Street HEALESVILLE, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
See Healesville Commercial Precinct page...  more
California Bungalows
419-425 Main Street, LILYDALE VIC 3140 - Property No 4221/2/3/4 View Details
Californian bungalows at 419-425 Main Street, Lilydale (four houses). The Californian bungalows, 419-425 Main Street, Lilydale are of localaesthetic and historic...  more
Junction of Woods Point and Marysville Roads, Cambarville VIC 3799 - Property No - View Details
...  more
Cambarville Sawmilling Co. Mill
Marysville-Woods Point Road (Cumberland Road), Cambarville VIC 3779 View Details
The Cambarville Sawmilling Company site and associated school and mill houses is of regional significance as the sole surviving evidence of this important and remote sawmilling...  more
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