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534-662 Healesville Kooweerup Road, HEALESVILLE VIC 3777 - Property No 82272/3/4 View Details
Eyton-on-Yarra, earlier known as Dalry, has high local signficance for its associations with the pastoral era and with the Ryrie brothers, overlanders from NSW, who came to the area in...  more
Ezard's Mill
Walk into History Trail, Big Pats Creek VIC 3799 View Details
Ezards Mill has local significance for its association with an important sawmiller. The only evidence that survives is the sawdust heap. (Supple, 1991)...  more
Family Butchers
209 Nicholson Street HEALESVILLE, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
See Healesville Commercial Precinct page...  more
Feiglins No. 1 and No 2 Mills
Acheron Way, Warburton VIC 3799 View Details
J & J Feiglins No. 1 and No. 2 Mills (and the associated tramway features) are of regional significance as evidence of an extensive timber harvesting operation associated with the...  more
Fernshaw Township Site, Plantings & Cemetery
Maroondah Highway, Fernshaw VIC 3799 View Details
Fernshaw Reserve, the site of the township which developed as a stopping point on the Yarra Track in the 1860s, is of regional significance. It has had a remarkable connection with...  more
Ferntree Gully Birdcage
Ferntree Gully VIC 3156 View Details
...  more
Ferntree Gully National Park Kiosk
1A Mount Dandenong Tourist Road TREMONT, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
Ferntree Gully National Park Kiosk is of regional significance as the most intact structure associated with the early period of development of the park, as a fine example of Edwardian...  more
Ferntree Gully National Park Sanctuary and Aviary
1A Mount Dandenong Tourist Road TREMONT, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
The site of the sanctuary and aviary at Ferntree Gully National Park is of local significance. The surviving features document the changing perceptions of the nature and the history of...  more
Ferny Creek Recreation Reserve- Log Cabin
90 Hilton Road (Clarkmont Road), Ferny Creek VIC 3786 - Property No S03526 56885 View Details
The Ferny Creek Log Cabin has high local significance as a memorial to George Doery, a prominent local resident, and as an intact example of an unusual type of log cabin construction. It...  more
Ferny Creek Tea Rooms
70 One Tree Hill Road, Ferny Creek VIC 3786 - Property No 58141 View Details
The Ferny Creek Tearoom (or Murphys Chalet) has local significance for its role in the early recreational activities of the area, marking the culmination in one spot of the steep ascent...  more
Five Ways
Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, Barber's Road, Ridge Road, Old Coach Road (corner), Kalorama VIC 3766 View Details
Five Ways intersection has high local significance as an important precinct and local landmark. There are superb views from the lookout across to Silvan and the Warburton Ranges. Five...  more
Flora Feldie Guesthouse
33 Maskells Hill Road, Selby VIC 3159 - Property No 61583 View Details
House, 'Flora Feldie', 33 Maskells Hill Road, Selby 'Flora Feldie' is of local historic significance. Of historic significance as representative of the...  more
Folly Farm
13 Cards Lane (Falls Road), Olinda VIC 3788 - Property No 74534 View Details
A garden designed by the famous landscape architect, the late Miss Edna Walling, and constructed by the famous landscape gardener, the late Mr. Ellis Stones - is an excellent example of...  more
Forest Edge
Barbers Road, Kalorama VIC 3766 - Property No 16169 View Details
...  more
Forest Park Homestead and Stables (Upwey South Primary School)
91 Morris Road (Riley Road), Upwey VIC 3158 - Property No 54633 View Details
One of the region's oldest and most elaborate houses. In excellent condition and its oldest section has minimal alterations. Stables, coachhouse and garden gazebo also in excellent...  more
Former Dawborn's Grocery
195 Maroondah Highway HEALESVILLE, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
The former Dawborn's Grocery at 195 Maroondah Highway, Healesville, is a single storey weatherboard shop building, constructed in c. 1902-3 and likely extended to...  more
Former Healesville West Post Office
3 Old Chum Creek CHUM CREEK, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details

The property at 3 Old Chum Creek Road, Chum Creek, includes a large 1920s spreading double-storey bungalow residence, constructed of fibro cement sheet with...  more
Gainsborough Store
3377 Warburton Highway WARBURTON - Property Number 45347, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
The region's oldest store in near original condition. (Tansley, 1978)...  more
George Tindale Memorial Gardens
33 Sherbrooke Road, SHERBROOKE VIC 3789 - Property No 58689 View Details
George Tindale Memorial Garden (Pallants Hill)at Sherbrooke Road and Braeside Avenue, Sherbrooke. George Tindale Memorial Garden (Pallants Hill), Sherbrooke Road and...  more
Glen Harrow
2 Cole Avenue, BELGRAVE VIC 3160 - Property No 56163 View Details
Glen Harrow, including the barn, cottages and garden at 2 Cole Avenue, Belgrave. Glen Harrow, 2 Cole Avenue, Belgrave, is of local aesthetic and historical...  more
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