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Cottage- Pallotti College
85 McNamaras Road, Millgrove VIC 3799 - Property No 47530 View Details
The pioneer cottage at Pallotti College has high local significance for its associations with the district sawmilling industry and as one of the oldest houses in the Millgrove area. Built...  more
Court House
61 Castella Street Lilydale, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
The oldest existing and most elaborate early public building in the region. A solid building of an interesting design. A well found substantial brick courthouse building, prominent...  more
Cranbrook Lodge
9 Westmount Road, HEALESVILLE VIC 3777 - Property No 43571 View Details
Cranbrook Lodge, comprising the guest house constructed c.1905 and the associated mature trees and gardens, at 7-13 Westmount Road, Healesville. Cranbrook Lodge at...  more
Cuckoo Restaurant
508 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, Olinda VIC 3788 - Property No 57758 View Details
The Cuckoo Restaurant, a small single-storey building, has high local significance for its long history as a popular Olinda restaurant. It became popular as the Quamby Tea Rooms during...  more
Cumberland Falls Mine
1025A Woods Point Road (Cumberland Road) East Warburton, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
Cumberland Falls Mine is of local significance as an example of gold mining along the Yarra Track to the Woods Point goldfields, retaining evidence of this activity from both before and...  more
Cumberland Scenic Reserve
1025A Wood Point Road East Warburton, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
Cumberland Scenic Reserve is of State significance for its outstanding botanical, scenic and historical values. The history of its establishment and changing symbolic purpose reveals...  more
Cuming-Smith & Co Wood Distillation Works
210 Britannia Creek Road, Wesburn VIC 3799 - Property No 47502 View Details
This site, although now partially obliterated, is of state significance as the only evidence of a commercial wood distillation plant in Australia. (Supple 1991)...  more
Cunningham's Hotel
2424 Warburton Highway, Yarra Junction VIC 2424 - Property No 48552 View Details
Cunningham's Country House Restaurant has high local significance as a key landmark township building until recently owned by Karl and Patricia Cunningham, who hold an historic wine...  more
CWA Hall
42 Falls Road, KALORAMA VIC 3766 - Property No 18097 View Details
Built in 1910, and used as an Anglican Church hall and then from 1940, as the Kalorama CWA Hall, this property has local significance as a popular community meeting place for nearly 90...  more
11 Warwick Farm Road, Olinda VIC 3788 - Property No 59185 View Details
Dalcrombie, constructed 1924-25 for E. Thomas of St. Kilda, has high local significance as a fine example of the substantial holiday houses, many architect-designed, that were built...  more
10 Johns Crescent, MOUNT EVELYN VIC 3796 - Property No 11230 View Details
This 1920s clinker brick residence in its garden setting, built as the home of Mrs Harriet Horden and her grandson, Cedric (now Louise), has high local historical as the first brick house...  more
Davis No. 1 & 2 Sawmills
Toorongo VIC 3833 View Details
The Davis No. 1 and No 2 mill site is of regional significance for its ability to demonstrate the enormous challenges facing sawmilling companies in establishing a successful enterprise...  more
Dodd Log Cabin
515 Olinda Basin Road, Olinda VIC 3788 - Property No 21240 View Details
Dodd's Log Cabin has high local significance as a fine example of the craftsmanship of John W. Dodd, son of an early district selector, who built many log cabins in the Olinda area. The...  more
Donnelly's Creek Weir and environs
Maroondah Hwy. Condon's Gully is off Donnelly's Creek Road., Healesville VIC 3777 View Details
The Maroondah Aqueduct, Donnelly's Weir and Echo Tunnel are part of the first diversion scheme on the Watts River, completed in 1891, and represent the earliest structures associated...  more
Dr Jorgensens House and Studio (former)
1627 Burwood Hwy (Main Street), Belgrave VIC 3160 - Property No 57334 View Details
Not of historical significance, but of very high architectural significance. Both buildings are of a unique, very interesting and beautiful design and construction, and are further...  more
Dunbar Cottage and Dairy
31 Falls Rd, Kalorama VIC 3767 - Property No 34489, 34488 View Details
These two small cottages have high local significance as examples of modest, timber holiday houses built in 1908 and 1909 for the Dunbar family, 1890s village settlers....  more
Ebbels Homestead
46 Olinda-Monbulk Road (Coonara Road), Olinda VIC 3788 - Property No 58081 View Details
Ebbels Homestead (Forest Lodge) a weatherboard cottage on Coonara Road, Olinda The house is of local historic significance. Of local historic...  more
Eloera Homestead
265-269 Glenfern Rd, UPWEY VIC 3158 - Property No 53320 View Details
The Eloera Homestead at 265-9 Glenfern Road. The Eloera Homestead at 265 - 9 Glenfern Road is significant local historic and aesthetic reasons. Of local...  more
Emberson War Memorial
Monbulk Road, Kallista VIC 3791 View Details
The Emberson Memorial, Monbulk Road, built in 1923 by Charles Emberson in memory of his son William and 'other diggers' who died at Paschendale in 1917. The Emberson...  more
Emblins Cottage
362 Mt Dandenong Road, Sassafras VIC 3787 - Property No 57795 View Details
While Emblin's Cottage is of historical interest for its associations with the Emblin/Embling family, it has been so extensively altered so as to be almost unrecognisable....  more
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