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Church Hall and Car Park
11 Symons Street, HEALESVILLE, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
See Symons St, Healesville Residential Precinct page...  more
Church of England Boys Training Farm
Lysterfield Reservoir / Wellington Rd, Lysterfield VIC 3156 - Property No S03535 62803 View Details
This historic property has high local significance, if any physical evidence remains, as an early pastoral, orchard and horse-breeding property, known as Sweet Hills from the 1870s to...  more
See Symons St, Healesville, Residential Precinct page...  more
Cloudehill Garden & Kejoma Garden
89 Olinda-Monbulk Road (Woolrich Rd), Olinda VIC 3788 - Property No 12983 15541 View Details
These gardens have high local significance as the site of the pioneer Range View Nurseries, one of the first in the area, run by the Woolrich family from 1917. The Cloudehill Garden and...  more
Cloverdell Mill
Monkhouse Road (Beenak Road (off fire track) ), Yellingbo VIC 3139 - Property No Pt. of 51915 View Details
Cloverdell Mill Site, Gembrook is of local significance as evidence of sawmilling activities within the Gembrook area. It is one of only three such sites in this locality and within the...  more
Collis House
31 Colby Drive, Belgrave Heights VIC 3160 - Property No 60263 View Details
This Edwardian style timber residence in a picturesque setting has high local significance as a house in the hills built for a Melbourne family during the First World War years. The...  more
Colonial Bank (former)
Bell Street, Yarra Glen VIC 3775 View Details
The former Colonial Bank at 25 Bell Street, Yarra Glen. The former Colonial Bank, 25 Bell Street, Yarra Glen is of local historical, aesthetic and social...  more
Commonwealth Bank
262 Nicholson Street HEALESVILLE, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
See Healesville Commercial Precinct page...  more
Concrete House
355 Dalry Road, Launching Place VIC 3139 - Property No 70086 View Details
The concrete house in Dalry Road has high local significance as an experimental building constructed in reinforced concrete between 1936 and 1937 by William Pearce, district sawmiller,...  more
Cook's Corner Store
2 Kallista-Emerald Road (Corner Grantulla Road), Kallista VIC 3791 - Property No 56977 View Details
Cook's Corner Store has high local significance as a prominent local landmark from the 1930s, located on an historic corner site at the junction of two major district roads....  more
Coombe Cottage
673-675 Maroondah Highway, COLDSTREAM VIC 3770 - Property No 4595 View Details
One time residence of world-renowned soprano singer, Dame Nellie Melba(Mrs. Helen Porter Armstrong), (1861-1931). Also interestingarchitecturally. (Tansley, 1978)...  more
1345 Don Road, Don Valley VIC 1345 - Property No 68507/8 View Details
Victorian house and gardens, known as Coonara, 1345 Don Road, Mallesons Glen Of historical significance. Of historic significance as an example of a...  more
Coonara Springs
129 Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda VIC 3788 - Property No 12997 View Details
Coonara Springs has high local significance as an early 1890s selector's house with 1940s additions, including the "Big Music Room" with its fireplace of locally quarried stone...  more
Cooring Yering House
52 Nelson Road, Lilydale VIC 3140 View Details
The largest homestead ever built in the region. One of the grandiose vineyard homesteads of the 1880's. Very interesting architecturally. (Tansley, 1978)...  more
178-180 Victoria Road, COLDSTREAM VIC 3770 - Property No 6984 / 6985 View Details
Coowerp and site in Victoria Road, Coldstream. Coowerp, Victoria Road, Coldstrream, is of local historical and aesthetic significance. Of historical...  more
Cora Lynn
20-22 MacIntyre Lane, COLDSTREAM VIC 3770 - Property No 4089 / 4090 View Details
Cora Lynn site and house at 20-22 Macintyre Lane, Coldstream. Cora Lynn has high local historic and aesthetic significance. Cora Lynn is significant...  more
Coranderrk Aboriginal Cemetery and Barak Monument
Barak Lane, Healesville VIC 3777 View Details
...  more
Coranderrk Aboriginal Station
19 Barak Lane Healesville, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
Coranderrk Aboriginal Station is of state significance as the sole surviving evidence of Aboriginal life during the mission period within the greater Melbourne region. It is of high...  more
Coranderrk Bushland Reserve- Aboriginal Station Track, Water Race, and Sawmill Site.
25 Glen Eadie Avenue HEALESVILLE, YARRA RANGES SHIRE View Details
Coranderrk Bushland Reserve is of state significance as part of the Coranderrk Aboriginal Station. It contains important features that contribute to an understanding of the development of...  more
Coronation Planting- Belgrave South Flowering Gums
Colby Drive and Belgrave - Hallam Road, Belgrave South VIC 3160 - Property No R71911, R71841 View Details
The flowering gums along Colby Drive and Belgrave-Hallam Road in Belgrave South, planted in 1953 for the Queen's Coronation, have high local significance for their associations with...  more
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