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Cloudehill Garden & Kejoma Garden


89 Olinda-Monbulk Road (Woolrich Rd), Olinda VIC 3788 - Property No 12983 15541

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Statement of Significance

These gardens have high local significance as the site of the pioneer Range View Nurseries, one of the first in the area, run by the Woolrich family from 1917. The Cloudehill Garden and the Kejoma garden, each established on five acres of the original Woolrich property, are associated with Olinda's change during the inter-war years from a berry-growing to a flower-growing district. Ted Woolrich's old timber house remains at Kejoma.


Cloudehill and Kejoma are today, two distinctive adjoining gardens established on the 10 acre Woolrich property which contained the Range View Nursery (now Kejoma) and Jim Woolrich's cut flower and foliage business (now Cloudehill). Cloudehill and Kejoma are each 5 acres, and although owned separately they are presently managed jointly.

Cloudehill garden is a recent garden designed by owner Jeremy Francis. It retains some old plantings from the Woolrich nursery including a magnificent Magnolia denudata and many larger trees including Beech, Maple and Rhododendrens. The garden comprises a series of distinctive terraced and lawn areas. Throughout, dry stone walls, brick masonry and hedging help define the garden form. The central feature of the garden, running almost its full width, is an Italian-inspired walled courtyard garden. At one end is a water garden, then a "warm" herbaceous border, Maple court (with two fine Japanese weeping maples), another longer section of herbaceous borders. At the other end, a focus of the vista is a small summer house. Above this area (towards Olinda-Monbulk Road), is a series of expansive lawns, on featuring examples of the topiary art. Below, are three other distinctive garden areas - the "Green Theatre", a circular lawn area creating the stage, a hedge quadrangle and Peony pavilion, and an extensive lawn area with naturalised bulbs creating a fine display in early spring.

The section of Cloudehill on the corner of Olinda-Monbulk Road and Woolrich Road is the working section of the garden, containing a car park, nursery sales and work area

Kejoma was also once part of the Woolrich garden. The present garden has been developed by Keith Purves and John Turner since they purchased the property in 1983, clearing out the large blackberry thickets and revealing the garden again. Kejoma derives its hill station garden character from the mature tree plantings and established shrubberies, many of which were part of the Woolrich nursery. The garden features some magnificent specimen trees such as the towering American Tulip Tree and the large Weeping Green Beech. Paths have been created throughout the garden, and sculptures are used throughout to highlight the garden. Ted Woolrich's old timber house remains at Kejoma, however it was not inspected during the field survey.

Physical Conditions: Excellent

Integrity: Intact

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