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Cora Lynn


20-22 MacIntyre Lane, COLDSTREAM VIC 3770 - Property No 4089 / 4090

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Statement of Significance

What is significant?

Cora Lynn site and house at 20-22 Macintyre Lane, Coldstream.

How is it significant?

Cora Lynn has high local historic and aesthetic significance.

Why is it significant?

Cora Lynn is significant because of its associations with a

prominentpioneering family in the Lilydale district. As the residence of

ThomasMacintyre Junior, it is associated with one of the most

influentialresidents of early Lilydale. Also one of the earliest

surviving housesassociated with the settlement of the area in the 1860s.

RNE criteriaH.1, A.4

Of aesthetic significance as a fine and predominantly intact example ofa

prosperous 1870s country house in its original setting. RNE criterion E.1


Cora Lyn is a single-storey rendered masonry house with a slate M-shaped hip roof. It has a broad verandah that wraps around the entire house. The verandah has an unusual latticework frieze and pairs of posts with a curved piece between them in each bay. The windows are double-hung sashes. The front door has red flashed and cut glass sidelights. The house has six rendered chimneys with moulded cornices. Many interior features have been retained, such as marble mantelpieces, plaster cornices and ceiling centres.

The verandah has been reroofed with Colourbond. The rear verandah has been enclosed to form a kitchen, sunroom and bathrooms. The verandah floor has been concreted over brick foundations

The site also contains brick servants' quarters with one- and two-storey sections, both with slate roofs. The windows are six-pane paired casements. The external bricks have been painted.

An early dairy survives on the site, though the original stables were replaced in the 1950s.

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