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Coranderrk Bushland Reserve- Aboriginal Station Track, Water Race, and Sawmill Site.



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Statement of Significance

Coranderrk Bushland Reserve is of state significance as part of the Coranderrk Aboriginal Station. It contains important features that contribute to an understanding of the development of the mission and its infrastructure. The site features within the Bushland Reserve are significant for their archaeological and research potential. Together with the Superintendents house, Cemetery and Coranderrk Aboriginal Station (each separately assessed), the Coranderrk Bushland Reserve is of outstanding importance.


It extends from the Healesville to Koo-wee-rup Road in the west, Toolebewong Road in the south, Badger Avenue and the Healesville Sanctuary in the west, and Albert Rd and some private property in the north.

Within the reserve is a sawmill site which consists of two main features - a large level area of approximately 16 metres x 16 metres, and a shallow ditch running off the site's eastern side towards Badger Creek. There is a deep water race/channel cut at the bend of Badger Creek. Elsewhere in the bushland is a small ditch, another part of the water race, averaging about 2m across and 30cm deep. There are no associated structural remains but it is known to have been lined with timber. A track, which is thought to be the old mission track, was recorded at 2 points within the Corranderrk Bushland. At Point A it is a distinct track consisting of a 2 metre wide raised area bordered on both sides by shallow ditches. At Point B it is less distinct. (Heritage Victoria)

Physical Conditions: Ruinous

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