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Collis House


31 Colby Drive, Belgrave Heights VIC 3160 - Property No 60263

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Statement of Significance

This Edwardian style timber residence in a picturesque setting has high local significance as a house in the hills built for a Melbourne family during the First World War years. The timber house is architecturally significant as a typical example of timber residential architecture of this period.


Collis House is an Edwardian style timber dwelling which dates from the early twentieth century. It has a picturesque location on a sloped site and the elevation of the building takes advantage of views across the valley. The substantial, mature garden retains traces of the former use of the site as a nursery (Jennie O'Meara, owner, personal comment) and includes a wide variety of mature fir trees.

The Collis House has asymmetrical massing, incorporating a hipped roofed, rectangular plan wing with verandah abutting a projecting, gable roofed wing to the west. The slope of the site has allowed the incorporation of a basement level to the western half of the house.

The elevated verandah is recessed within the main hipped roof and extends approximately half the width of the house. It is characterised by exposed rafters to the roof overhang, a beaded timber lined ceiling and a timber floor. Vertical timber boards line the space beneath the elevated verandah. The verandah edge has simple timber struts to the fretwork and timber cross-bracing to the balustrade. It is likely that this balustrade is a recent alteration.

Access to the house was originally from the verandah to the first floor. Entry is currently from the basement level between the east of the projecting gable wing and is delineated by a recently installed gable roofed carport.

A set of rectangular, horizontal timber frame triple windows is centrally located within each section of the facade. These are characterised by a central, non-openable window, flanked by double hung windows either side. They generally have sloped, corrugated iron overhangs which are supported by angled timber struts. The tapered timber window and door surrounds are reminiscent of Art and Crafts design.

Physical Conditions: Good

Integrity: Altered

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