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Coronation Planting- Belgrave South Flowering Gums


Colby Drive and Belgrave - Hallam Road, Belgrave South VIC 3160 - Property No R71911, R71841

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Statement of Significance

The flowering gums along Colby Drive and Belgrave-Hallam Road in Belgrave South, planted in 1953 for the Queen's Coronation, have high local significance for their associations with Belgrave South Primary School, whose pupils planted the trees, and with the Colby family, prominent district residents. The flowering gums have historical interest as an example of the planting of celebratory avenues of trees by local school children. Belgrave school children planted the cherry trees along Main Street on Arbor Day 1938.


Two groups of flowering gums (Eucalyptus ficafolia) were located. One group of two trees is located on Colby Drive outside Central Park and the Belgrave Heights Tennis Club on the northern side of the road. The other group is located on the verge adjacent to the Belgrave South Primary School, that is along Colby Drive and the Belgrave-Hallam Road. There is also one tree on the east side of Belgrave-Hallam Road, opposite the primary school. There are 10 trees in the group located adjacent to the school. The full extent of the original planting is not known.

Physical Conditions: Good

Integrity: Unable to estimate

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