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Powder Magazine

West Street,, DAYLESFORD VIC 3460 - Property No B2079

Classified: 27/06/1968



Powder Magazine - Beechworth Historic Area

Skidmore Avenue, BEECHWORTH VIC 3747 - Property No B1590

The Beechworth Powder Magazine was erected in 1859 by T Dawson and Co to designs prepared by the Public Works Department. The surrounding stone walls were added in 1860. The building was used to store large amounts of gunpowder used in mining, quarrying, etc. and comprises a buttressed stone storage room with lightning conductors and has a slate roof. This is the best example in Victoria of this particularly important building type and is a distinctive element of this important ... more



Powder Magazine

on hill opposite Duke Of Cornwall Mine,, FRYERSTOWN VIC 3451 - Property No B2148

Powder Magazine, opposite ruins of Duke of Cornwall Mine, Fryerstown, is a stone structure believed to have been erected in the 1850s. Circular in plan and constructed of random rubble, the remains of the structure show a form of eaves course and a bee-hive shaped domed roof. Powder Magazine forms, with the old mine building, an important surviving reminder of the goldmining era which first settled and so strongly formed the present appearance of this country. The old magazine ... more



The Old Powder Magazine

47 Farnsworth Street,, CASTLEMAINE VIC 3450 - Property No B1950

The Old Powder Magazine, Farnsworth Street, Castlemaine, is a brick structure erected in 1856 to the designs of the Public Works Department of Victoria. Constructed on a stone plinth, the face brick structure has a gabled slate roof which large eaves overhang. Featues of the rectangular building are closely spaced buttresses along the long sides and a lean-to roofed section. The Old Powder Magazine forms part of the important historic townscape of Castlemaine, is closely ... more



Powder Magazine Keeper's Cottage

Whitley's House

47 Farnsworth Street,, CASTLEMAINE VIC 3450 - Property No B1976

The cottage along with the adjacent powder magazine, B1950, is a direct link with the gold-mining era of Castlemaine's history and thus with a very significant period in the history of Victoria. The residence is an important surviving example of a picturesque cottage design of the 1860s by the Victorian Public Works Department. Classified: 28/06/1966



Port Fairy Powder Magazine

25 Griffith Street, PORT FAIRY VIC 3284 - Property No B3145

The Port Fairy Powder Magazine was constructed c.1860 to designs of the Public Works Department of Victoria. This Powder Magazine is typical of the simple utilitarian structures that were erected at this time and is the only example of this form. The walls are constructed of bluestone and the roof is clad in corrugated iron. The building has buttresses to two walls and there is a brick vaulted ceiling internally. This building has been acquired by the National Trust to ... more



Powder Magazine

113 Gold Reef Mall, STAWELL VIC 3380 - Property No B1393

Powder magazines were originally built by the Public Works Department to supply safe places for storing explosives and other related equipment used in gold mining. Two earlier powder magazines erected in Stawell were closed as being deemed too close to residential areas as the town boundaries extended. The Powder magazine erected in Main Street (now Gold Reef Mall ) seems to have been erected in 1870 for Thomas Brown, an Ironmonger and timber merchant. Privately owned and ... more



Former Courthouse, Powder Magazine, Residence & Gaol - Group Classification

High Street/Davy Street/ NapierStreet,, AVOCA VIC 3467 - Property No B2256

Group Statement of Significance: Important as one of the few remaining groups of small public buildings intact. Classified: 09/071969 See also: B2330 Court House, B2331 Powder Magazine, B2332 Police Residence, B2333 Lock Up.



Former Powder Magazine

Lincoln Causeway,, WODONGA VIC 3690 - Property No B3542

Built of brick in 1877-78 to the order of the Ministry of Trade and Customs, the Wodonga Powder Magazine stored explosives for use in deep lead gold mining and public works. The Magazine was later acquired and operated by Mate's, a leading Albury store. The Magazine is of the same basic plan as that for Bright, with the entrance porch centrally placed to the horizontal run of the buildings. Though in a state of semi ruin, original elements remain, including the matching pairs ... more



Powder Magazine

McIvor Range Reserve,, HEATHCOTE VIC 3523 - Property No B2344

A good representation of a Powder Magazine constructed of stone; noting, however, that it has a modern tiled roof. Classified: 'Regional'29/10/1969 Revised: 03/08/1998


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