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Rosebud, Port Phillip Bay

VHR Number


Date lost


Year of construction


Statement of Significance

Physical Description  
Rig Schooner
Hull Details One deck and a break; standing bowsprit; square stern; carvel built; female bust and head; wooden frame and planking
Number of Masts 2
Length / Breadth / Depth 71.1 Feet / 19.3 Feet / 12.6 Feet
Builder Henry Barrick
Built Date 1841
Built Port / Country Whitby, Yorkeshire / England
Registration Number 123 of 1854
Registration Port / Country Melbourne / Australia

Town of Rosebud derived its name from the wreck location of this well-known coastal trader (just west of Durham Place). Wind blows and sand shifts buried remains. In 1976 sewerage excavations at ... more

Voyage Details  
Date Lost 02/06/1855

Damask, household goods

Owner Edward William Hobson, local landowner (9 May 1854)
Master of Vessel Captain Fenwick (@ Nov 1854)
Weather conditions

Strong westerly gales

Cause of Loss

Went ashore

Further Details  
Number of Passengers 0
Number of Crew Members 0

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