Sequoiadendron giganteum

Other Name

Sierra Redwood


Ballarat Botanical Gardens, Wendouree Parade,, BALLARAT CENTRAL VIC 3350 - Property No T11301

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Statement of Significance

Cntribution to the landscape
Aesthetic value

Avenue of 28 trees running north-south through centre of Ballarat Botanical Gardens was planted about 1872.
The avenue forms a striking feature of the gardens, bordering the central avenue. Most trees are straight, well formed trees with a typical height of 25 metres. Towards the northern boundary of the gardens, the path disappears and the trees continue into the picnic area.
2011:Removal and replacement of 19 trees to reconstruct avenue. 20 of original trees remain.

Measurements: 06/1982
Spread (m): 77
Girth (m): 6
Height (m): 25
Estimated Age (yrs): 120
Condition: Good

Measurements: 22/11/2003
Spread (m): 77
Girth (m): 6.28
Height (m): 26
Estimated Age (yrs): 140
Condition: Good

Measurements: 25/02/2011
Spread (m): 20
Girth (m): 6.5
Height (m): 34.5
Condition: Affected by drought

Access: Unrestricted
Classified: 24/06/1982


Parks, Gardens and Trees


Tree groups - avenue