35 Hanover Street,, FITZROY VIC 3065 - Property No B0167

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The two storey stone townhouse was erected in 1854 by Edward Wills, a stonemason who supplied stone for the first Princes Bridge and early parts of Parliament House. The house was tenanted in the late 1860s and Wills sold it in 1869. The facade comprises three bays with centrally located entrance. The window openings and wall terminations have quoinwork decoration. There is a simple cornice and a parapet nameplate.
This is one of the oldest houses in Fitzroy and is notable for its association with Edward Wills. It is simply composed and this composition and the austere detailing reflect early times. The front entrance with its doric pilasters and simple entablature is a distinctive feature of the building. The fine workmanship, simple mouldings, semi-circular arched windows and nameplate are notable. The home is an essential feature of the South Fitzroy Area and a fine example of a distinctive Melbourne building type.
The cast iron palisade front fence and hedge are compatible with the house.
Classified: 'Regional' 17/07/1958
Revised: 16/07/1964


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