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Warburton East Public Hall


410 Woods Point Road, Warburton East VIC 3799 - Property No S05401 46880

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Statement of Significance

Warburton East Public Hall, opened in 1925, has high local significance as an important community meeting place over the past 75 years.


The Warburton East Public Hall is a typical local hall, rectangular in plan with a gabled roof. In appearance it dates from the 1920s, with its characteristic shingled gable end over the front entry and exposed rafters at the eaves. The windows on the front and side elevations each have three panes. The rippled glass may be original. There is also a small highlight window in the gable end, high above the entry doors.

The building remains substantially intact externally, with the major changes being its recladding with Hardiplank (presumably replacing weatherboards) and the ramped entry to the side.

Physical Conditions: Good

Integrity: Minor Modifications

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