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Mt Juliet Cairn


Mt Juliet, Healesville VIC 3777

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Statement of Significance

Mt Juliet cairn is of regional significance as a fine example of a geodetic triangulation station cairn, remaining remarkably intact and retaining some evidence of quarrying for stone to build the cairn and of early camping on the site. It is of at least regional significance as an example of the dry-stone stone cairns built as part of the Geodetic Survey of Victoria (1858-1872), and is one of only two examples remaining within the greater Melbourne region, the others being Mt Baw Baw and Mt Macedon. It was a popular destination for walkers from the early twentieth century, and can be expected to have some social significance for its long association with tourist and local visits to the area. (Context 1998)


Conical shaped stone cairn 3.6 high, tapering from 3.6 diameter at the base to 1.8 diameter at the top. The stonework uses large boulders at the base, tapering to smaller, shaped stones towards the top. Small rock pieces have been used to wedge between the boulders in place of mortar and the whole structure is remarkably sound. Some damage to the top of the cairn has resulted from the collapse of a nearby tree. (RNE; Context 1998)

Physical Conditions: Excellent

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