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Kallista General Store


85 Monbulk Road, Kallista VIC 3791 - Property No 57518

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Statement of Significance

The Kallista General Store, opened by the Reids in 1921, has high local significance as an important component in the Kallista shopping centre for more than 70 years. Still retaining many 1920s features, it has associations with the Reid family, who ran the Post Office for 40 years and were active members of the early Kallista community.


The Kallista General Store is located within the small commercial centre of Kallista on the northern boundary of the Sherbrooke Forest Park. It is a rectangular plan building which is built to the street line and includes a combination of hipped, gabled and skillion roofs. The shop currently incorporates a central, dominant shop, with a smaller premises to each side. The smaller shop areas have skillion roofs and may be later additions.

The shops have a timber lined facade which includes two large rectangular, timber framed openings, each with four timber divisions. The opening to the central shop has been modified to include modern post office facilities while the small premises to the south-east corner has been modified to include a modernised shopfront window.

The dominance of the central shop is marked by a raised roof, which is recessed behind the building line. It includes a slate lined hipped roof with a small gable roofed projection facing the street façade. The gable roof overhang is edged with wide timber bargeboards which have been squared off at the ends and continue as a fascia to the hipped roof overhang. Two regularly spaced timber framed windows pierce the timber lined gable end.

This unusual roof marks the double height space of the central shop and its original interior features including a raked ceiling and stained, decorative timber arches.

The front of the three shops has a cantilevered verandah extending the length of the building.

Physical Conditions: Fair

Integrity: Altered

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