Port Phillip Bay, Indented Head

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The Ozone is socially significant as one of the well known 'Bay Steamers' that used to ply Port Phillip and Corio Bay with passengers on short trips and excursions. The Bay Steamer 'wings' on Station Pier and jetties such as at Clifton Springs, Queenscliff and Portsea are other reminders of this era. The Ozone is also recreationally significant as an easily accessible shipwreck site that can be snorkelled and dived, with boilers, steering quadrant, paddlewheels and bow section providing interest and a home for marine life.

Physical Description  
Construction Material Iron
Hull Details Top speed 19 knots; service speed over 18 knots; 2 funnels. One deck and a promenade. Paddle wheels 21' diameter. Originally 2 masts. Green hull, white superstructure topeed by two orange funnels (UID 63)
Propulsion Steam - Paddle
Engine Specification 1st engine built by Messrs Rankin and Blackmore of Greenock (UID 327) replacement built in Melbourne (UID 169)
Engine Builder Direct acting diagonal compound engines 47" & 85". 314 HP; 2 cy (UID 63, 169, 327) See also image on site file for old engine. New engines in 1901
Number of Masts 1
Length / Breadth / Depth 260.0 Feet / 28.1 Feet / 10.0 Feet
Builder Napier Shanks & Bell
Built Date 1886
Built Port / Country Glasgow / Scotland
Registration Number 1886
Registration Port / Country Melbourne / Australia
Former Details of Registration Owned by Bay Steamers Ltd (subsidiary of Huddart Parker Ltd) for most of working life.
Engaged for nearly 39 years in day excursions in Bay. Faster than most competitors. John Hill paid only a few hundred pounds but worth about 2,000 pounds to a shipbreaker. Success of Ozone had prompted Huddart Parker to build Hygeia, larger and faster (1891) and Weeroona (1910). Fall off of traffic caused lay-off of Ozone from 1918. Hull became a breakwater for small craft. During its career involved in three collisions.
Uses of Vessel  
Primary Use Transport
Secondary Use Passenger - Coastal
Voyage Details  
Date Lost 1925
Owner Capt W.G. Forbes Bay Steamers Ltd. (subsidiary of Huddart Parker Ltd), sold privately after unsatisfactory auction to John Hill, wrecker, of North Melbourne, of Melbourne Salvage Co. Hull sold privately to unnamed purchaser after unsatisfactory auction.
Cause of Loss
Dismantled and scuttled as a breakwater
Further Details  
Number of Passengers 0
Number of Crew Members 0

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