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Point Danger Reef, Torquay

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Statement of Significance

The Joseph H. Scammell is historically and archaeologically significant as the wreck of an international inward bound cargo vessel. Most research on inward bound historic shipwreck material has concentrated on 19th century British shipwrecks and further knowledge can be learnt from the study and comparison of North American shipwreck cargo material. The Surf Coast wrecks exhibit the fundamental difference between American and European bulk cargo international commercial sailing ... more

Physical Description  
Construction Material Wood
Hull Details One deck, yellow metalled June 1888, Forecastle 7 tons. American pine? (1970s newspaper article on file)
Propulsion Sail
Number of Masts 3
Length / Breadth / Depth 223.0 Feet / 39.2 Feet / 22.5 Feet
Builder D. & C. Eaton
Built Date 1884
Built Port / Country Eatonville, Ontario / Canada
Registration Port / Country St Johns, New Brunswick / Canada

The Joseph H. Scammell was built for the Eastern trade including India, Hong Kong and the Australian colonies by its St Johns, New Brunswick owners and brothers John Walter Scammell, Frederick Ernest ... more

Voyage Details  
Date Lost 27/05/1891
Voyage from New York to Melbourne

1500 packets of general merchandise, 400 cases hardware, 17625 cases kerosene, 124 bales printing paper, 25 cases organs, 232 cases tobacco, 325 cases benzine, 80 barrels lubricating oil, 36 packages ... more

Owner Joseph Henry Scammell 4/64 shares John Walter Scammell 47/64 shares William F. Harrison, merchant 3/ 64 shares Joseph H. Merrit, merchant 1/64 shares John Thompson, merchant 6/64 shares John A. Chapman, master mariner, 3/64 shares: all of St John
Master of Vessel Capt. John A. Chapman
Cause of Loss

Forced ashore by strong current whilst waiting for a pilot

Further Details  
Number of Passengers 2
Comments on Passenger

Captain Chapman s wife and daughter

Number of Crew Members 17

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