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Port Phillip Bay, Picnic Point, Hampton, Sandringham Yacht Club

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Statement of Significance

The J-7 submarine at Sandringham is a unique visible feature of the marina, and is historically significant as one of the Royal Australian Navy s earliest submarines, predated only by the AE-1 and AE-2.

Physical Description  
Construction Material Steel
Rig Submarine
Hull Details J-7 differed from the other J-class submarines by the repositioning of the control room aft, between the main engine rooms. The conning tower moved with it. 3" HA gun mounted of the forward end of the superstructure. Modifications included the addition of
Propulsion Motor
Engine Specification Vickers; Mather & Platt
Engine Builder 3x12 cy Vickers solid injection direct reversing 4 cycle BHP diesel engines of 14-1/2" bore and 14" stroke, 380 rpm; for submerged running 2x Mather & Platt 1400 HP electric motors (MAAV notes)
Length / Breadth / Depth 274.8 Feet / 23.5 Feet / 14.0 Feet
Built Date 1916
Built Port / Country Devonport / United Kingdom
Former Details of Registration British Royal Navy; Royal Australian Navy
The present Sandringham pier straddles the semi-submerged sub. The J-7 is in similar condition to the J-3 at Swan Island. Armament: one 3" Dp/Ha gun and one 2-pounder portable gun, later changed to a 4" quick firing gun mounted on a platform built before the bridge. Seven J-class submarines built for British Navy. After World War I six subs offered to Australia as a gift. (One had been lost during War.) They saw little service with Australian Navy - an embarrassment from the beginning, being in poor condition. Decision taken to scrap five of the subs. on 9 Nov. 1923, but decision on J-7 taken on 16 January 1924. Its engines were in use at Flinders Naval Depot to augment power plant. It was sold for breaking up in October 1929 but was sunk as a breakwater at Sandringham Yacht Club.
Uses of Vessel  
Primary Use Defence
Secondary Use Naval
Voyage Details  
Date Lost 06/08/1930
Owner Morris & Watt Pty Ltd, South Melbourne
Cause of Loss
Scuttled at Hampton as a breakwater
Further Details  
Number of Passengers 0
Number of Crew Members 0