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Donaldsons Jetty, Port Melbourne, Port Phillip Bay

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Year of construction


Statement of Significance

Physical Description  
Construction Material Wood
Rig Full Rigged Ship
Propulsion Sail
Number of Masts 3
Length / Breadth / Depth 195.3 Feet / 35.3 Feet / 22.0 Feet
Builder Storm and King
Built Date 1854
Built Port / Country St John, New Brunswick / Canada
Former Details of Registration There are conflicting dates about the year this ship was built. The National Archives of Canada ships register has it as 1854, but Wright (1976, 112)) claims it was built in 1853, but not registered until 1854. Some sources cite 1855 Port number 27, First owner George King and John Storm (National Archives of Canada, RG 12). Also owned by James Thompson; a group including Bartholomew French, John Linn, David Fernie and Andrew Gibson (Wright 1974, 112)
Captain G Rudolph and Dr & Mrs Casterton had retired for the night on board the Herald of the Morning which had arrived from Liverpool with some government immigrants (UID 9). The ship had been expressly built for the Australia run. The Captain was awakened by the cry "FIRE", and observed flames on board. Attempts to scuttle the ship were unsuccessful, as the burning of the cargo raised the ship in the water, rendering the holes cut in the side useless (UID 9). The tugs Sophia and Hercules towed the ship to the back beach between Sandridge and Williamstown where she continued to smolder (UID 152). The hulk was eventually removed and sunk at the end of Donaldsons jetty. Cargo and ship only partially insured. Cargo consisted of iron work for Hawthorne Bridge, subsequently sold at auction - became trusses for Mia Mia Bridge.
Voyage Details  
Date Lost 15/11/1859
Iron bridge intended for crossing the Yarra at Hawthorn. Several tons of water pipes and some case goods (UID 9)
Master of Vessel Captain G. Rudolph
Cause of Loss
Burnt at moorings. Attempts to scuttle the ship were unsuccessful. Ship was towed on to the back beach between Sandridge and Williamstown
Further Details  
Number of Passengers 419
Comments on Passenger
419 immigrants discharged the day before Mrs Costerton
Number of Crew Members 0
Comments on Crew Members
Dr Costerton (ship's surgeon)