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Indented Head, Port Phillip Bay

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Physical Description  
Construction Material Wood
Rig Lighter
Hull Details Originally built as a wooden barque, converted to lighter 1902
Propulsion Sail
Number of Masts 0
Length / Breadth / Depth 199.9 Feet / 37.1 Feet / 24.4 Feet
Built Date 1875
Built Port / Country Quebec / Canada
Registration Port / Country Sydney / Australia
Former Details of Registration 1897 Howard Smith & Co Ltd 1902 Australian Steamships Ltd 25 January 1917
The wooden barque was towed into Melbourne from Fremantle in 1902. Licence to operate as a coal/wool lighter issued by Melbourne Harbor Trust to owners, Howard Smith & Co. Ltd. Renewed 1 June 1916. New owner Australian Steamships Ltd 25 January 1917 - licence renewed 12 February 1918. Captain Forbes purchased the hulk in 1925, together with paddle steamer Ozone, to act as breakwater for small craft. Scheme failed when vandals set fire to Dominion, and Ozone did not settle in correct position. Register closed November 1921. Originally a wool ship, then Newcastle coal hulk. Site was inspected during February 1993, extensive hull remains, however close proximity to the wreck of the OZONE makes identification of all wreck material difficult. Interesting material inshore from main body of wreck, consisting of Fishplate and two copper alloy fittings possible gudgeons/pintels. Material most likely associated with keel/stern structure. Vessel appears to have iron rider on all frames. Remains of mast on site. No machinery present. No artefact material other than ship fastenings noted.
Voyage Details  
Date Lost 1925
Owner Captain Forbes
Cause of Loss
Vandals set fire to Dominion (UID 93) Scuttled as a breakwater
Further Details  
Number of Passengers 0
Number of Crew Members 0