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Koonwarra Store

KOONWARRA VIC 3954 - Property No B5057


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Koonwarra Rail Bridge,Tarwin River West Branch NO 1 Bridge, Tarwin River West Branch No 2 Bridge

Beside South Gippsland Highway,, KOONWARRA VIC 3954 - Property No B6953

This group of three surviving impressive timber-beam rail bridges in very close proximity to one another, built in 1892 where the Great Southern Railway passed eastwards onto the Tarwin River flats near Koonwarra in South Gippsland, is of historical and aesthetic significance at State level. All three structures are located along half a kilometre of railway line, which makes for an unusual timber-bridge series that is very accessible from the nearby South Gippsland Highway. They are ... more




3 Murdoch Road,, WANGARATTA VIC 3677 - Property No B2695

This large single storey red brick house with attic was designed by Frank Hardess for Henry Murdoch in 1908. It is a notable example of the Federation Style in the provincial environment. This style had, by 1908, become generally accepted and its detail and elements were generally available. It is successful in creating a complex plan and silhouette. It has been very little altered since 1908 and is particularly interesting because of the large number of original finishes and ... more



Warracknabeal Hotel

O'Dea's Warracknabeal Hotel

44 Scott Street,, WARRACKNABEAL VIC 3393 - Property No B2217

Classified: 17/10/1968



Warracknabeal Town Hall

36 Scott Street,, WARRACKNABEAL VIC 3393 - Property No B7015

The Warracknabeal Town hall, designed by noted early modernist architects Seabrook Fildes, and completed in 1940, is of State architectural and social significance. Architecturally, the Town Hall is a stylish early modern design, employing simple boldly modelled cream brick volumes, cut by deep-set vertical slot windows, accentuated by a slim clocktower on the corner, contrasted with a vertical section of dark tiles. The design is clearly inspired by the early Dutch ... more



Warracknabeal Court House

30 Woolcock Street,, WARRACKNABEAL VIC 3393 - Property No B2218

A simple form of courthouse built in 1889/90 but embellished by stepped brickwork in the principal gable and by a transverse verandah with elaborate frieze and gabled end pavilions. Classified: 'Regional'28/05/1969 Revised: 'Local' 20/10/1977




626 Riversdale Road,, CAMBERWELL VIC 3124 - Property No B0970

Built 1885. Classified: 15/12/1963



Mawarra Garden

6-8 Sherbrooke Road, SHERBROOKE VIC 3789 - Property No G13026

Mawarra, the residence erected and the garden laid out by c.1928-32 to a design of Edna Walling and rockwork constructed by Eric Hammond, and carefully maintained with few changes of ownership, is of State cultural significance: - As one of the undoubted masterpieces of Edna Walling's landscaping (an opinion shared by Walling herself), a bold and confident essay which blends her architectural or formal style with softer woodland planting; Walling had by this date developed ... more




Sunbury Road,, SUNBURY VIC 3429 - Property No B4256

A large bluestone winery, dairy and rambling brick and bluestone homestead - remains of a large scale but unsuccessful effort by J G Francis (Premier of Victoria in 1872-4) commencing in 1863 to establish a vineyard. Classified: 26/03/1987



Warramate Hills

GRUYERE VIC 3770 - Property No L10123

The visual, botanical and zoological significance of this area is largely due to the fact that it is an isolated block of native vegetation occurring on a highly dissected landform within a largely cleared pastoral area. LOCATION AND BOUNDARIES: The Warramate Hills are located approximately 48 kilometres east of Melbourne. The Classified area is generally bounded by the railway line to the south, the Woori Yallock Creek and Yarra River to the east, and Briarty ... more


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