Platanus x acerifolia

Other Name

London Plane Moss


Moss Vale Park, Leongatha-Mirboo North Road, LEONGATHA VIC 3953 - Property No T11950

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Statement of Significance

Contribution to historic park
Outstanding size
Outstanding example of species

This tree, located next to the sound shell,is the best example of several very large Plane trees, both P.x acerifolia and P. orientalis, growing within the park. This old nursery site established by Francis Moss in 1888 on the banks of the Tarwin River comprised a portion of the original1000 acres (404ha)purchased. By 1900 the nursery had become well established and in 1945 the Council acquired the main park plus 2 acres (0.8ha) of natural bush across the river. The Park was opened to the public in 1946.

Measurements: 26/03/1991
Spread (m): 32.3
Girth (m):3.55
Height (m): 26.1
Estimated Age (yrs): 100
Condition: Good

Measurements: 04/2004
Spread (m): E-W 30; N-S34
Girth (m):4.4
Height (m): 31
Estimated Age (yrs): 113
Condition: Good

Access: Unrestricted
Classified: 11/04/1991


Parks, Gardens and Trees