Jubaea chilensis

Other Name

Chilean Wine Palm


Royal Botanic Gardens, Birdwood Avenue MELBOURNE, MELBOURNE CITY

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Statement of Significance

Contribution to the historic garden
Outstanding example of species

Although described somewhat disdainfully by Charles Darwin as a 'very ugly tree', many consider theJubaea chilensis to be one of the most impressive palms in the world. The lifespan of this species is not known but there are reports of large specimens in Chile living for several hundred years. Historically, the Chilean wine palm was extremely abundant, but several centuries of destructive over-harvesting for the collection of sap have reduced it to just a few significant populations. The remaining populations of the Chilean wine palm are mainly restricted to protected areas.

Measurements: 12/03/1991
Spread (m): 7.5
Girth (m): 3.07
Height (m): 13.8
Estimated Age (yrs): 100
Condition: Good

Access: Unrestricted
Classified: 09/05/1991


Parks, Gardens and Trees