Hesperocyparis forbesii

Other Names

Cupressus forbesii ,  Tecate Cypress


Colac Botanic Gardens, Fyans Street, COLAC, COLAC OTWAY SHIRE

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Statement of Significance

Contribution to landscape of historic garden
Rare or localised

This stand of Tecate Cypress ( Hesperocyparis forbesii) comprises the only known examples of the species in Victoria. A native of South and Baja California, the species is notable for its peeling bark, which leaves bright green patches, later turning red-brown. The foliage has the appearance of Cupressus macrocarpa but is brighter green. The single tree is atypical having a pendulous habit and slightly different foliage. The group in the north-east corner are stressed from carparking and compacted soil.

Measurements: 07/03/1990
Tree 1:
Spread (m): 9.5
Girth (m): 2
Height (m): 12
Tree 2:
Girth (m): 2.32
Height (m): 8
Tree 3:
Girth (m): 1.02
Height (m): 6.6
Estimated Age (yrs): 80
Condition: Fair

Measurements: 25/11/2003
Spread (m): 9.0
Girth (m): 2
Height (m): 13
Condition: Good

Access: Unrestricted
Classified: 12/04/1990


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Tree groups - copse