Wormbete Homestead


Deans Marsh Road,, WINCHELSEA VIC 3241 - Property No B0019

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Wormbete Homestead is significant for its association with the early development of Victoria's pastoral industry,and is one of the very few surviving pastoral properties in Victoria to contain a principal building dating from the 1840s . The remaining buildings also are early (1850s and 1860s). Additionally, the buildings are laid out formally in a farm court, a practice which is most unusual in Victoria and which has strong links with the earlier Tasmanian and New South Wales farms built before the settlement of Victoria and derived directly from English tradition. The way in which the large drawing and dining rooms are reached from the glazed front verandah is most unusual, as is, for a nineteenth century residence, the north-facing aspect of the house.
Wormbete is significant for its association with Henry and John Rout Hopkins. Henry, who founded the property, was a notable Tasmanian trader and philanthropist and a strong figure in Hobart civic and commercial life and in the Congregational Church. Son John played an important role in local government and held Legislative Assembly seats in Victoria, and was also a prominent sportsman and Anglican layman.
Classified: 15/12/1977


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