Kongbool Station

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Coleraine Road,, BALMORAL VIC 3407 - Property No B2095

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The new Kongbool homestead at Balmoral was erected in 1898 for pastoralist J. G. Robertson, replacing the original timber slab homested of 1843-59. Ballarat architect P. S. Richards designed this substantial single storey, brick and stucco rendered mansion in a late boom classicism style and complete with ornate verandah, elaborate interior and multi-gabled roof forms.
The new Kongbool homestead is a most important building in the early career of P. S. Richards, a Ballarat architect who in the period 1900-1940 was responsible for innovative Edwardian Art Nouveau and Art Deco style buildings in the district. The elaborate 1898 boom classicism homestead with emerging Federation style traits is in sharp contrast with the original timber slab homestead Congbool on the property and serves to illustrate homestead architectural development in the 19th century.
Kongbool homestead is in excellent condition and virtually intact. The woolshed built in the 1850s is also a notable structure. The house has been sensitively extended at an unknown date.


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