Fyanstown Inn

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Old Swan Inn ,  Riverside


20-50 Hamilton Highway, FYANSFORD VIC 3221 - Property No B1346

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The former Fyanstown Inn on the Barwon River at Fyansford, later referred to as the Swan Hotel, was erected in 1842 and opened in January 1843. Alexander Skene of Geelong was the architect of this substantial bluestone building with steep pitched roof, Colonial Georgian casement windows and French doors opening onto a wide verandah. The contractor was Mr Marr who built this Inn for licencee John Atkins.

The former Fyanstown Inn near the important ford across the Barwon River is one of the oldest buildings in Victoria and of paramount importance to the history of settlement of Geelong and western Victoria. The Colonial Regency style inn with attendant stone stables is a significant early work of pioneer architect/surveyor and later Victorian Surveyor - General A J Skene. The Inn is an essential element in the now almost obliterated 19th century settlement of Fyansford.

The former Fyanstown Inn has been sensitively adapted to a farm house. The original attic dormer windows have been removed and the original shingle roof replaced with slate in 1856. The stables are in ruins.

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