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Including Homestad, Manager's Cottage, Smithy, Coach House & Stables


Webbs Road, TATYOON VIC 3378 - Property No B1110

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Yalla-Y-Poora Homestead, Tatyoon, is a complex of station buildings built, it is believed, in the 1860's for pastoralist John Ware, although the station dates from the 1840's and has historical associations with the early history of the district. The station buildings are notable as representative examples of their building type and form part of a complex of bluestone structures notable for their distinctive detailing.

The main house was built in 1905. It is a large two storey house built of bluestone and features a picturesquely arranged Edwardian Freestyle two level masonry verandah with projecting bays and a main central arch. Leadlighting and ceiling mouldings feature art Nouveau decoration.

The Manager's Cottage is a single storey residence that may date from c.1866. The gabled bluestone residence is arranged about a small court with a timber verandah on some sides. Roofs are slate and features include timber bargeboards and a clock.
The Manager's Cottage is an eclectic design with an essentially Colonial style carcass decorated with Gothic derived bargeboards.
The Manager's Cottage is understood to be in good condition and essentially intact.
The Smithy is a stone structure, constructed in random rubble bluestone. The single storey smithy has a gable iron roof with flatter pitches over presumably later extensions. The gable end is clad in weatherboards.
The Smithy is in a colonial vernacular style and the central section may well be older than the other station buildings. The side extensions are interesting.
The Smithy is understood to be in fair condition.

The Coach house and Stables is a single storied bluestone building. Symmetrical in elevation, the structure has gables at each end and at the centre, finial capped buttresses facing the central gable. Arched doorways, circular vents and gable cappings characterise the design.
The Coach house and Stables are in a vernacular Gothic Revival style. The buttresses are particularly unusual and the detailing as a whole is distinctive.
Coach house and Stables are believed to be largely intact and in good condition

Homestead Classified: 29/10/1969
Smithy Classified 05/10/1967
Coachhouse and Stables Classified 05/10/1967


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