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Peppers Hotel


3809-3819 Nepean Highway,, PORTSEA VIC 3944 - Property No B5416

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Delgany is of state significance as being externally one of the most impressive twentieth century mansions in Victoria. Set in nearly five hectares of landscaped gardens, Delgany is a rambling two-storeyed limestone mansion built in 1923 as a summer residence for wealthy Western District grazier, Harold Armytage, to the design of Harold Desbrowe Annear.
The design of Delgany is composed of medieval elements in a free and imaginative adaptation of Federation Romanesque of the 19th century. Like many English examples it was conceived as a point of interest in a landscape picturesquely contrived for the pleasure of its wealthy owner. Stylistically, Delgany has no known contemporary equivalents in Victoria. Being clad in limestone, Delgany can be compared with other limestone mansions in the Sorrento/Portsea area, i.e. Mileura and Nyland.
The mansion was owned from 1947-85 by the Dominican Sisters who constructed two large additions; one on 1953 and the other in 1968. Both additions are faced in limestone and match the castellated style of the original residence, a style unusual for its time. All the limestone outbuildings and the entrance gates are included in the Classification.
Delgany is one of a number of large summer residences designed or altered by noted Australian architect Harold Desbrowe Annear for some of Melbourne's most prominent families. One can compare these Mornington Peninsula residences with those at Newport, Rhode Island, in their function and varied styles. Despite extensive and substantial internal alterations in the 1980s, the complex retains its significance.
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