Christ Church & Organ


10 Glenlyon Road,, BRUNSWICK VIC 3056 - Property No B0549

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Statement of Significance

Church Statement of Significance: A church which is quite exceptional for its Picturesque Italianate character, though it is unclear whether this was intended at the outset. The nave of 1857, designed by Purchas & Swyer, may have been stuccoed at a later date, but the transpets, chancel and vestry were designed by Smith & Watts in 1873-4, and the transept elevation has something of the character of the designs in N H Parker's book Villa Rustica of 1835. This is consistent with the use of Parker's notifs by Thomas Watts at the homestead Bontharambo near Wangaratta . The campanile of 1870-1, also by Smith & Watts, continues the Italianate character, and the apse was completed by another architect, Frederick Wyatt, in 1875.
Classified: August, 1959

Organ Statement of Significance: This two-manual organ, built by Roger Pogson, of Sydney, and opened in 1972, is of interest for its solid cedar case, of classical design, incorporating burnished tin pipework, and its fully mechanical key action. Widely used for recitals and teaching, this instrument has exerted a wide influence upon the music of Melbourne. It was the first two-manual modern mechanical action organ, designed along classical principles, to be installed in a Melbourne church.
Classified: 06/04/1989