Former Royal Mint

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Registry Office ,  Royal Historical Society


280 - 318 William Street and 388-426 Little Lonsdale Street and 391-429 Latrobe Street,, MELBOURNE VIC 3000 - Property No B0114

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The Royal Mint once comprised a whole complex of buildings around a verandahed courtyard. The original two storey office and residence block flanked by arches and guard homes, the perimeter walling and palisading and the courtyard garden are all that remain of this complex. These buildings were erected in 1871-72; the architect was J J Clark of the Public Works Department. The contractors were Martin and Peacock and the P.W.D. supervised the work.
The estabilshment of a Royal Mint in Melbourne reflects the importance and independence for which the early colonists aspired. The remaining building complex is one of the finest examples of conservative classicism in Australia and among Clark's masterpieces. The central administration wing (based on Raphael's Palazzon Cafferelli-Vidoni in Rome) and its flanking arches, guard homes and palisading form a dignified forecourt. The Bullion Room, staircase, rear garden and perimeter wall are very important features. The entrance portico has unfortunately been painted.
Mint closed in 1970 and only the administrative building remains. Subsequently used by the Royal Historical Society and the Registry Office until building leased by TEAC in 2001.
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