Molesworth Street Residential Precinct


66-74 Molesworth Street,, NORTH MELBOURNE VIC 3051 - Property No B6768

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Statement of Significance

A precinct whose buildings are of regional significance because:
Architecturally the five buildings are a timber cottage type, simply derived from the Gothic Revival. The combination of style and materials are unusual for nineteenth century houses built within inner Melbourne, particularly as they are an early and compact group in an uncommon configuration, with all having gabled roofs, carved barge boards and gable finials. The planned off street siting of 68 and 70 Moleswoth Street is historically significant as it is now unusual in inner Melbourne.
It was once more common in North Melbourne where house construction was purposely kept outside the Melbourne Building Act until the late nineteenth century to provide a haven for low cost worker housing. They were occupied by small retailers and local artisan families and hence they are particularly expressive of North Melbourne's distinct nineteenth century character, compared with the more affluent inner suburbs such as nearby Carlton, North Carlton and Parkville. Culturally the group provides an early and complete example of the importance of property development as a form of finanical security for artisans, their unusual congfiguration expressing maximum utilisation of off-street frontages by the property owners, allowing more attractive street frontages for tenants.
Classified: 11/11/1996


Residential buildings (private)


Residential Precinct