Block Court Arcade

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Fmr Athenaeum Club


288-292 Collins Street,, MELBOURNE VIC 3000 - Property No B5971

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Built in 1890 as the Athenaeum Club, one of Melbourne's three most important social clubs from the 1890s and located within the prestigious Block precinct, the Block Court Building was designed by the distinguished Melbourne architect, William Salway. Above ground level, its four storey faced is intact and in character with the adjacent Block Arcade buildings. In 1930, the building was remodelled from designs by architect Harry Norris with a shopping arcade inserted at ground level connecting Collins Street to the Elizabeth Street section of the Block arcade, and the building was renamed Block Court. The arcade is distinguished by its Collins Street entrance signage with fine Jazz Moderne typography, stylized floral and zig-zag motif use of multi-coloured terrazzo to the arcade floor, jazz moderne terracotta and ornamental bronzes and period light fittings to the arcade ceiling, and recently refurbished copper shop window and entry fittings. The arcade of Block Court is significant as being an example of the 1930s continuation of the typological tradition of shopping arcades in Melbourne begun in the nineteenth century with arcades such as Royal Arcade (Charles Webb) 1869 and the adjacent Block Arcade (Twentyman & Askew) 1890-93.
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