Norman House


7 Adeney Avenue,, KEW VIC 3101 - Property No B6161

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Statement of Significance

Built between 1901-10 to the designs of architects Ussher and Kemp, the Norman House is a fine example of the hip roofed genre of the so-called Melbourne Queen Anne house and one of the most representative works emanating from Melbourne's most renowned firm of residential architects at the time of Federation.The two storeyed house is dominated by a steep hip roof clad in terracotta tiles into which are set shingled walls and balconies which constitute the second floor. Heavy turned timber columns, timber friezes, brick strapwork to chimneys and half timbered gable ends are the features of the picturesque composition of the house. Though the interior has been altered and sympathetic additions have been made to the rear, the house is substantially intact. The original owner of this house was Arthur Norman of the stationery firm Norman Bros. The significance of the Norman House is enhanced by the existence of Henry Kemp's own house, Heald Lawn, next door at No 5.
Classified: 30/10/1989


Residential buildings (private)