Grange Lynne Pty Ltd

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S Keable & Co. Pty. Ltd


185 - 187 A'Beckett Street, MELBOURNE, MELBOURNE CITY

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The former Grange Lynne Pty, ltd. factory, built in 1937-38 to designs prepared by noted architect E F Billson, is of Regional architectural significance.
The Grange Lynne building is one of Melbourne's finest and most distinctive examples of inter-war factory and office design, exhibiting an unusual mixture of international modernism and the Arts and Crafts based aesthetic of the Amsterdam School of the 1920s. The modernism of the horizontal "strip" windows which wrap around the north corner and their continuous thin concrete sunshades, terminated by vertical fins, are combined with elements derived from the Dutch school such as the dark brown tapestry brickwork, a rounded front to the fin near the entrance, and the vertical stack of porthole windows of the stairwell.
Edward Fielder Billson, was a former pupil and associate of Walter Burley Griffin, and was a leading architect in Victoria in the 1930s, and is noted for the strong influence of European modernism in his work.
Classified: 03/05/1999


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