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377 Church Street, RICHMOND VIC 3121 - Property No 191225

Heritage Overlay Number


This place/object may also be State heritage listed. Check with the Victorian Heritage Database. For further details, contact the local council or go to Planning Schemes Online.


Church Street Precinct

Level of Significance


Date Range

1885 -

Statement of Significance

This site is subject to a Statement of Significance for the building, as well as a Statement of Significance for the Precinct in which it is located. Please find below the Statement for the building, followed by the Statement for the Precinct Individual place statement of significance: Richmond Conservation Study, Volume 2 'Helenville" is significant as the Richmond residence of the gifted architect John A.B. Koch between 1885 and 1896. ... more


'Helenville' at 377 Church Streetis a stuccoed brick terrace house of nine rooms, which was designed by J.A.B. Koch. Like many examples of Koch's work, it has an Italian Renaissance derived arcaded facade with balustered parapet and balcony, and the arches are supported on squat cast iron columns.

Heritage Study Yarra - Richmond Conservation Study, John & Thurley O'Connor, Ros Coleman & Heather Wright, 1985; Yarra - City of Yarra Heritage Review, Allom Lovell & Associates, 1998; Yarra - City of Yarra Review of Heritage Overlay Areas, Graeme Butler & Associates, 2007; Yarra - Heritage Gap Study: Review of Central Richmond 2014, Context P/L, 2014
Architect / Designer Koch, JAB
Architectural Style Victorian Period (1851-1901) Renaissance Revival

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