Lenton Parr 'Astra' Sculpture


McClelland Gallery, 390 McClelland Drive, LANGWARRIN, FRANKSTON CITY

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Statement of Significance

"Astra" is significant as being the largest of a group of works by Lenton Parr from the early 1960s that signify an important transition in the artist's work from a style of textured, organic form to a new language of streamlined, geometric gesture.
Not only is "Astra" one of the most immediately recognizable of all Parr's public works, but it also represents a notably successful integration of sculpture with its architectural context.
As an early example in Melbourne of architecturally-scaled, abstract sculpture, "Astra" has permeated the consciousness of the Victorian community in an unusually positive way.
Classified "State": 18/05/1994 (Now File Only)

File Note: Moved from Melbourne International Airport to McClelland Gallery.


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