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Barunah Plains Homestead Outbuildings and Garden


Hamilton Highway, Hesse, via Inverleigh WINGEEL, Golden Plains Shire

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National Estate Register: Barunah Plains is a late nineteenth century homestead development and is important for exhibiting a rich array of cultural features as follows: a collection of bluestone buildings including the homestead and outbuildings; and a homestead garden and parkland with a large attractively crafted timber gate, a timber pedestrian bridge, shrubberies, a sunken croquet lawn, a rose garden and mature trees (Criterion A.3). Barunah Plains has a strong ... more


National Estate Register: Barunah Plains on the Hamilton Highway at Wingeel was established in the 1840s. Philip Russell, with John Simson and Thomas Russell, took over the property in 1851 and from 1856 Thomas, with other Russell family members, had the property. Barunah Plains remained in Russell family hands until 1978. The oldest section of the homestead (which contains main rooms) dates from 1866 and was designed by architects, Davidson and Henderson, who ... more

Heritage Study Golden Plains - Golden Plains Shire Heritage Study Phase 1, Lorraine Huddle P/L, 2003

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