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Golf Hill Homestead & Outbuildings


1718 Shelford-Bannockburn Road SHELFORD, GOLDEN PLAINS SHIRE

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For further details, contact the local council or go to Planning Schemes Online.

Level of Significance

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Extent of Registration

Golf Hill Homestead Complex and all of the land incorporated in Lots 1, 2 and 3 of TP 903196 of the Parish of Carrah.

Statement of Significance

Golf Hill, Shelford is one of the earliest pastoral settlements in Victoria and one of the most influential through its long term owner, George Russell (1812-1888). Russell had come to the Port Phillip District from Van Diemen's Land with his half-brother Philip (1796-1844) in 1836. They settled on the Leigh River in 1842 at what is now Golf Hill and, on behalf of the Clyde Company, they established a vast empire of runs and outstations which stretched from the ... more


Because access has been refused, the following description is based on the National Trust citation, photographs held by the State Library of Victoria, Golden Plains Shire documents, the Heritage Victoria file on Golf Hill and other sources in the public domain. The Golf Hill complex is located on the east bank of the Leigh River, north east of the village of Shelford and approximately 40 kms west of Geelong. The complex is sited picturesquely in a valley ... more

Heritage Study Golden Plains - Golden Plains Shire Heritage Study Phase 2, Heritage Matters P/L, 2009

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