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Chatsworth Road HAMILTON, Southern Grampians Shire

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Level of Significance

Stage 2 study complete

Statement of Significance

The South Hamilton Lutheran Cemetery, located the south side of Chatsworth Road, near Hamilton is a rare example of a single denominational cemetery. The cemetery reflects the early Lutheran history and settlement of The Grange, later known as Hamilton. The cemetery stands where the original South Hamilton Lutheran Church stood, built in 1854 by the earliest Lutheran families to settle the area. The cemetery is set on a roughly square ten acre allotment on the boundary ... more


Very good condition. The Hamilton South Lutheran Cemetery is located on the south side of the Chatsworth Road, about six kilometres east of the centre of Hamilton. The cemetery is roughly square ten acre parcel of land with about 1,000 burials and tombstones. The cemetery is defined by simple wire fencing on three sides, with a cyclone mesh fence and simple gates defining the entrance on the southern side of Chatsworth Road. There is a row of ... more

Heritage Study Southern Grampians - Southern Grampians Shire Heritage Study, Timothy Hubbard P/L, Annabel Neylon, 2002
Heritage Act Categories Registered place

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