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Ritchie Street PENSHURST, Southern Grampians Shire

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For further details, contact the local council or go to Planning Schemes Online.

Level of Significance

Stage 2 study complete

Extent of Registration

Maintian generally as existing. No development at or around the original homestead site until a preliminary archaeological survey has been done. Prepare a CMP for the whole ... more

Statement of Significance

Cheviot Hills was established by David Hutton in the mid-1850s after the closure of the Mount Rouse Aboriginal Protectorate and the settlement of Penshurst. The Hutton family, which still owns Cheviot Hills, were important pastoralists as well as having influential mercantile interests at Port Fairy and through its direct links to the hinterland. Cheviot Hills superseded the earlier Purdeet squatting run and is unusual because it does not stem from a pre-emptive ... more


The various buildings survive in a range of conditions, the best being the present homestead, formerly called Eden, with its outbuildings and the worst being the original homestead and its extensions which are ruinous in parts. The men's quarters is in fair condition. The woolshed appears to be modern. Only remnants of the first homestead's garden survive but the second homestead's garden and the broader landscaping survive well. The first ... more

Heritage Study Southern Grampians - Southern Grampians Shire Heritage Study, Timothy Hubbard P/L, Annabel Neylon, 2002
Year Construction Started 1850
Architectural Style Victorian Period (1851-1901) Vernacular
Heritage Act Categories Heritage place

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