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Scott Street (extension) CAVENDISH, Southern Grampians Shire

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Level of Significance

Stage 2 study complete

Statement of Significance

The Old Cavendish Cemetery is located approximately 1.5.kilometreswest of the centre of Cavendish, on the banks of the Wannon River. There are a number of graves dating from 1850 to 1922, even though the cemetery was condemned in 1895. The boundary is defined by Monterey Pines (Pinus radiata) and two mature specimens of Blue Gum (Eucalyptus globulus). The cemetery is in good condition and retains an excellent degree of integrity. The Old Cavendish Cemetery ... more


The condition of the cemetery grounds and graves is good. The Old Cavendish Cemetery is located on the banks of the Wannon River, approximately 1.5 kilometers west of the centre of the township of Cavendish. The site is approximately 0.7 hectares of sloping grassland with 32 above ground graves or headstones. There is a boundary planting of Monterey Pines (Pinus radiata), two mature Blue Gums (Eucalyptus globulus) . A typical cemetery ... more

Heritage Study Southern Grampians - Southern Grampians Shire Heritage Study, Timothy Hubbard P/L, Annabel Neylon, 2002
Year Construction Started 1850
Heritage Act Categories Heritage place

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