Heenan-Ferrier Road TARRENLEA, Southern Grampians Shire

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Statement of Significance

What is Significant?

The squatting run Winninburn, as part of the Tahara run, was one of the earliest in the Portland Bay District, being taken up by George and Samuel Winter. The Winter brothers and the Whyte brothers were the next and the most important pioneers after the Henty family. It seems that George occupied the present homestead, possibly from the early 1840s. A symmetrical single storey weatherboard house, Winninburn had a bungalow form, a shallow pitched roof, now covered with iron and a surrounding verandah (now replaced). It was one of the very few homesteads to survive the 1851 bushfire and is, therefore, a rare example of the scale, form and setting of the earliest homesteads. From 1853, Winninburn was owned by Dr Adam Turnbull, one of the most important people in the Van Diemen's Land, and subsequently Tasmanian, governments' administrations. He was in partnership with his brother-in-law, William Young and his son, Adam Turnbull Junior. The latter became an important person in his own right, being the first and long term President of the Shire of Wannon. The Ferrier family was the next to own and occupy Winninburn. James Ferrier is famous for inventing a revolutionary wool press made by Humble and Nicholson, engineers and boilermakers of Geelong. The house was extended sympathetically in the later nineteenth century and the verandah was partly enclosed. The original verandah was removed along with other distinctive details and the house renovated after change of ownership in the late 1990s. An earlier building, perhaps the first homestead and later used as men's quarters, was demolished at the same time. Although its integrity has been comprised the homestead is in good condition and retains the nexus with its historical setting.

How is it Significant?

The Winninburn Homestead complex is of historical and architectural significance to the State of Victoria and to the Southern Grampians Shire.

Why is it Significant?

The Winninburn Homestead complex is of historical significance for its associations with the earliest period of squatting and for its direct link with Van Diemen's Land and especially for its long association with the Winter family and the Turnbull family. It is also significant historically for its association with the Ferrier family. Although altered and extended, including changes in the late 1990s, the homestead is of architectural significance because it retains substantial fabric and detailing from the earliest times and demonstrates a direct influence from Van Diemen's Land, the origin of the first squatters in the area.


The homestead is in good condition, and the homestead curtilege may have archaeological potential.

The homestead at Winninburn is single storey, largely timber in construction with a low pitched hipped iron roof. The present verandahs on most sides replaced the original simple timber verandah, parts of which had been enclosed to form conservatories. The original front door is panelled and has sidelights, very much in the tradition of the pre-Separation colonial Georgian style. Other surviving external and internal details and the use of cedar for joinery betray the very early date of construction of the core of the house. Small bay windows, one of which survives at the rear, are of interest. There was a roofed well close to the rear of the house. The former men's quarters, possibly the earliest dwelling at Winninburn, has been demolished. There are only remnants of the original garden. Few trees survive from the original gardens but those which may include a Peppercorn (Schinus molle), English Elms (Ulmus procera) and a Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla) although this is not a particularly mature specimen.

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Continuing as a pastoral property

Poor integrity after late 1990s alterations.

George and Samuel Winter

Dr Adam Turnbull

William Young

Adam Turnbull Junior

James Ferrier and family

Heritage Study Southern Grampians - Southern Grampians Shire Heritage Study, Timothy Hubbard P/L, Annabel Neylon, 2002
Year Construction Started 1840
Architectural Style Pre-separation Colonial Georgian 1836-50

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