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Uniting Church Hall


42 Church Road BELLARINE, Greater Geelong City

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C Listed - Local Significance STATEMENT OF SIGNIFICANCE The Bellarine Methodist Sunday School and Church Hall was built in 1894 of weatherboard construction with good site integrity. It is aesthetic, historic and social value to the local East Bellarine community. The Bellarine Methodist Sunday School and Church Hall was built approximately thirty years after the construction of the adjoining ... more


DESCRIPTION The building sited on Uniting Church grounds, east of the former Wesleyan Methodist Church and with mature trees in the vicinity. It is a simple Victorian timber frame and weatherboard clad building, with a corrugated iron clad gable roof. The north elevation gable end has plain bargeboards, a large timber finial, and a decorative round arch louvered vent. This north elevation also has a separate ... more

Heritage Study Greater Geelong - Geelong Region Historic Buildings and Objects Study, Allan Willingham, 1986
Heritage Act Categories Heritage place

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