All Saints Anglican Church


61 Hitchcock Avenue, BARWON HEADS VIC 3227 - Property No 229790

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All Saints Anglican Church at 61-63 Hitchcock Avenue is historically significant at a LOCAL level. It is associated with Sparrovale Farm, Marshall, as an outbuilding, and later with the Anglican Church at Barwon Heads, as a Church building. The site is also associated with the Flinders Estate subdivision of 1887 and the Barwon Heads Estate Company Limited subdivision of 1891. All Saints Anglican Church at 61-63 Hitchcock Avenue is socially significant at a LOCAL level. It is recognised and valued by the community for religious associations with the Anglican church. Overall, All Saints Anglican Church at 61-63 Hitchcock Avenue is of LOCAL significance.


1. Plan of the Flinders Estate, Barwon Heads, 1887, Geelong Historical Records Centre. 2. Barwon Heads Estate Company Limited subdivision plan, 30 March, 1891, Geelong Historical Records Centre. 3. Complete Plan of Barwon Heads, Thomas Roadknight amp Co., 22 October, 1912, Geelong Historical Records Centre. 4. All Saints Barwon Heads Sixty Years of Worship, 2nd edition, Barwon Heads. References


-The site at 6163 Hitchcock Avenue has visual connections with the large pine trees and avenue of gum trees at the north end, and to other single storey residential, commercial and religious buildings of mixed styles and periods. This church complex is situated on a deep allotment, with typical front and side setbacks. The building also contributes to the single storey, pitched roof streetscape. The single storey, horizontal weatherboard and part brick Federation and interwar Carpenter Gothic Church building is characterised by a central dominant gable roof form, with projecting gables and other roofs establishing a cruciform plan of including a sanctuary east, chancels and vestries. Early ventilation stacks adorn the roofline. Wide overhangs are a feature of the eaves. The timber framed and pointed leadlight windows are recent 1950s additions, but contribute to the aesthetic character of the building. An early decorative feature of the design is the gable ventilator on the main gable. Inside the church, displayed on a mount, is the former bell of the Earl of Charlemont.

Heritage Study Greater Geelong - Greater Geelong Outer Areas Heritage Study Volumes 1, 2 & 4, Authentic Heritage Services Pty Ltd, 2000
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