34 FENWICK STREET GEELONG, Greater Geelong City

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Historic Building No. 1119, Eudoxus, 34 Fenwick Street, Geelong, City of Greater Geelong.
To the extent of:
1. All the building known as Eudoxus marked B-1 on Plan 601179, endorsed by the Chair, Historic Buildings Council and held by the Director, Historic Buildings Council.
2. All the land described in Certificate of Title Volume 9880 Folio 936 marked L-1 on Plan 601179 endorsed by the Chair, Historic Buildings Council and held by the Director, Historic Buildings Council.
[Victoria Government Gazette No. G43 2 November 1995 p.3085]

Statement of Significance

Eudoxus was manufactured by John Walker of Mill Wall, Poplar, England, and was erected as two four room two storey iron cottages "under one roof" in 1854 or 1855. It was erected for Messrs Towle and Turpin, having been sold by Mr J Browne. Converted to one house probably by 1858, Eudoxus has remained in the same location since its erection. Although considerably altered both inside and out, the house retains its original iron structure and some cladding. It is now used as an office.

Eudoxus is of historic, scientific, and architectural significance to the State of Victoria.

Eudoxus is important because it demonstrates technical accomplishment in the history of construction. The development of a galvanising process in the 1840's, the fabrication of rolled sections of wrought iron from about 1850, and the use of grooved or fluted rollers to improve the production of corrugated iron in 1844 enabled construction of this prefabricated iron building. Eudoxus incorporates all these developments which had all occurred within the 15 years prior to its importation and erection in Geelong. It is also important because it demonstrates the innovative solutions provided by the use of imported prefabricated buildings to cope with housing shortages caused by the gold rushes in Australia and California in the early 1850s. Eudoxus is a rare example of a prefabricated iron house, formed from two prefabricated iron cottages, and one of only a small number remaining in Victoria dating from the early 1850's. It is one of two known extant examples in Victoria of the manufacturer John Walker of Mill Wall, Poplar.

Year Construction Started 1854
Heritage Act Categories Registered place

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