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Sebastopol State School No. 1167 (former)


185-187 Yarrowee Street, SEBASTOPOL VIC 3356 - Property No 2036135

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The former Sebastopol State School No.1167, located at 185-187 Yarrowee Street Sebastopol, built in 1873-4 and designed by architect William Elleker to the extent of the land, and including the mature trees planted on the north boundary and Yarrowee Street boundary. The Sebastopol school is T-shaped in plan, featuring a hipped-roof section running east-west, intersected by a long gabled section projecting south. The facade features a parapeted-gable ... more


The former Sebastopol State School No 1167 is a two-storey bichrome brick building on basalt foundations with a hipped roof and T-shaped plan. At the north end is a projecting, hipped-roof section, with a longer section set back from it. At their junction is a parapeted-gable entrance porch, with an arched opening and ledged and framed doors. At the south end of the facade is a parapeted gabled bay, which projects only slightly. There is a circular vent at its apex, ... more

Heritage Study Ballarat - Ballarat Heritage Precincts Study, Dr David Rowe and Wendy Jacobs, 2006; Ballarat - Sebastopol Heritage Study (Stage 2), Context Pty Ltd, 2015
Municipality BALLARAT CITY

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