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Spottiswoode Hotel


62 Hudsons Road SPOTSWOOD, Hobsons Bay City

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The Spottiswoode Hotel, designed by Frederick Woolf and constructed in 1888, at 62 Hudsons Road, Spotswood. The Spottiswoode Hotel is of local historic, social and aesthetic significance to the City of Hobsons Bay. Historically, it is significant as the oldest hotel in Spotswood, which demonstrates the first phase of development associated with the establishment of the first major industries during the late nineteenth century. It is also significant for its ... more


This is a cemented two storey Italian Renaissance Revival hotel design sited on a corner close to the Spotswood Railway Station and the site of early industrial complexes like Robinson's and the bottle works. It compares with the similar designs in the east, west and northern inner suburbs by the architect, William Woolf, but is more austere. Only the openings and parapet are ornamented, leaving the balance of the facade without trabeation or further embellishment - ... more

Heritage Study Hobsons Bay - Hobsons Bay Heritage Study, Hobsons Bay City Council, 2006
Year Construction Ended 1888
Architectural Style Victorian Period (1851-1901) Italianate

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