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BP Australia Complex and Canary Island Palm


431 Douglas Parade SPOTSWOOD, Hobsons Bay City

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The BP Australia complex, comprising the blending tower, warehouse and office complex constructed in 1959 and the Canary Island Palm, at 431 Douglas Parade, Spotswood. The BP Australia complex is of local historic and aesthetic significance to the City of Hobsons Bay. Historically, the complex is significant for its associations with the development of BP Australia and demonstrates the importance of Newport and Spotswood during the early to mid twentieth ... more


This complex includes a multi-level blending tower with aluminium-framed curtain wall fenestration on the fully glazed east wall. At the rear is a projecting wing with horizontal glazing strips at each level. Next to the blending tower, on the north and south are the cream brick warehouses. Further to the north, on the road frontage, is a two storey cream brick office building with an aluminium-framed curtain wall facade at the upper level and part of the ground level, ... more

Heritage Study Hobsons Bay - Hobsons Bay Heritage Study, Hobsons Bay City Council, 2006
Year Construction Ended 1959

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